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A Trusted Tutor

I was first introduced to Makaton in the mid-1980s when I was a student. I quickly realised how this amazing programme was not just helpful but was actually life changing and I have used it in my work with adults and children with learning and communication difficulties ever since.​

After 26 years of working for the NHS and Local Authority, I now work full time as a freelance tutor and as an ambassador for The Makaton Charity. Makaton is an integral part of my home-life as well as my work-life as I am a parent to a teenager who relies on Makaton signs and symbols for his everyday communication. I am determined to create a world for him where communication isn’t a barrier to his participation in life. You can be in on that action too, by starting or continuing your Makaton Journey.

 Over the years, I have gained a great deal of experience teaching workshop participants of all backgrounds and skill levels.

There is nothing that gives me more pride than seeing participants finish a workshop armed with the knowledge and skills to succeed and start changing lives for the better. If you need an experienced and patient Makaton Tutor, with a passion for making a difference, please take a look at my public booking page or get in touch to enquire about in-house training. Thank you.

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